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  Service Policy and Technical Support

Warranty Policy
We, Chinamedi International Co., Ltd.,  hereby certify that
We guarantee to provide medical devices with warranty service of twenty-four (24) months for Main Units from date of delivery, eighteen (18) months for OEM modules and six (6) months for accessories, both of which are counted from the date of delivery.
Chinamedi will help you change defective module or repair the device for free under warranty.
*Note: For medical disposable like mask gloves there is no warranty time.
We hereby certify the foregoing is a true and accurate statement.

Freight Free Policy
- Under warranty, customer just response  for the freight free of sending defective module or device to Chinamedi location;
  Chinamedi is repose for repair or change the device for free, and response for the freight free to customer side.
- Out of warranty
If you want to repair defective device out warranty. Customer is response for the freight free for both side, that means from your side  to Chinamedi, and from Chinamedi to your side. Also need to pay for repair fee.

Technical Support Registration.
If you meet any problem, please contact us to get complaint registration form, and send to us by email to info@chinamedi.com 
Before you send any device to us, you have to get authorization number from us.


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